We are the company for your next reform.

We have the experience and professionals that your project needs.

Reforms and environments

With over 15 years of experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can trust us for your next home renovation, driveway installation, or repair.

Working group

With a group of professionals, we provide renovation services in short times with a high level of finishes.


We have the tools and means necessary to carry out quality work and excellent finishes.

About us?

We are a team of professionals in renovations and decoration.

With a lot of experience in setting and renovations, we have established ourselves in Mallorca as one of the leading companies in modernization and remodeling of environments.

Our Services
General reforms

The reforms range from the purely aesthetic, to creating functional environments, such as game rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and decks.

Online advice

Our operators and advisers are available to clear up any doubts and budget for your next reform.

Special reforms

We create suitable spaces and adapt bathrooms and environments for people with disabilities or reduced capacities.

Total renewals

If your thing is a total renovation of the property, we are the right company, we reduce the work times of each project to a minimum.

Paints and tiles

Sometimes a simple change in the color palette of your home is enough to make you feel a fresh and renewed space.

Parquet and maintenance

Installation of floating parquet and heated floors, maintenance and specialized advice for each of your needs.

Work gallery

Quality construction and honest service.

Our professionals are here to advise you, do not hesitate; we are the leading company in reforms.

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La empresa líder en reformas y ambientación en Mallorca.

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